YOU are the sum of all your training!

As of yesterday, I’m down 43 pounds. It wasn’t without adversity though.

My work schedule has been out of whack due to this chick who keeps calling off so I’ve been covering those shifts and making time either before or after work to get the workouts in. The situation has caused me some stress and when that happens, I tend to stress eat, but I fought those urges off. It also puts a kink in my dieting too because I like to eat at certain times. Still, I make it work.

I’m finding myself doing things I didn’t know I had the will or the energy to do. Mostly everyday, I’m either working (lifting boxes and always moving around — not a desk job) or working out. The only time I’m stationery is when I sleep, wake up, drink coffee, eat my meals, and maybe an hour or two before bed. My active day is around 10 to 12 hours.

I am now in the 2nd phase of my workout routine. I am jogging now and the endorphin release after is almost like a drug. At some point, I’ll be ready to do the deadlifts and squats. I think I’m going to try to do squats without the weights first. Just to set a foundation.

I always find things to inspire and motivate me. I remember this Under Armour commercial from last year. It featured guys like Steph Curry and Tom Brady. I’m a big Tom Brady fan and this commercial spoke to me.

I am the sum of all my training:




On Friday, an ex-girlfriend from way back wanted me to go out with her that night for some drinks. Even though I wanted to and even though I would have loved what most likely would have happened afterwards, I told her no. Drinking would lead me to eat and I have goals to obtain.

That is the kind of sacrifice I’m making for myself. It’s not that I won’t drink or have a cheat day, but I’m not really setting one until I go Pittsburgh In early July. Even then, I’m going to drink a light beer with the least amount of calories and I’ll be active most of the day before the drinking. Hell, I’m just going to have a few anyway.

Yes, here’s a back shot of the girl I passed up for my training:









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