74 pounds lost and I have a new girlfriend!

So yeah, the weight loss is going well. I’m down 74 and the momentum is going great. Only 26 more pounds to go and then I will reassess the next step. I’m seriously feeling great and I think I look great.

I loved jogging in the heat. It’s always good to make sure you rehydrate, but there’s something about the running in the heat and the smell of nature at my park that just makes me want to work harder.

Speaking of great, me and the old grade school crush have hit it off really well and have fallen hard for each other. So much in fact that we are taking a leap of faith and started dating exclusively.  The chemistry is there and it’s something you can’t teach or learn. Either it’s there or it’s not. It’s there with her. Even now, I can’t stop thinking about her. She’s made my life even better. Persistence pays off.

I’m losing the weight, I got the new car,  got a raise at work too, and now I got the girl. I’m obtaining my goals. Feels great. Below are some photos of me that I took in the last week along with a photo of my beautiful girlfriend. The “Couple” photo I’ll post next time.

For right now, life is really good.

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5 thoughts on “74 pounds lost and I have a new girlfriend!

    1. Thanks, T. She is a hottie. I’m living proof that if someone wants happiness, all they gotta do is get up off their ass, stop feeling sorry for themselves, and work for it. It’s not easy. Anything that’s great never comes easy, but it it’s worth getting if you’re willing to put in the work.

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      1. “Without struggle, there is no progress” – Fredrick Douglass… real talk right! Beings as you have worked so hard, you deserve all the greatness coming your way!

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