Getting fit and other fantastical tales.

So I’m now down to 253lbs. I’m killing it both in the gym and how I eat. Results are showing all over and it’s a big boost. I look good and I feel even better. I can even fit into skinny jeans now. Whether I should be wearing them or not is a whole different story. Haha! I’m starting to get a top vein on my bicept too after a work out. Hardly noticeable in the photo but I’m getting there. I love results.

This week has been an interesting one. On Monday, I met my friend Samantha and her friend Julie at a bar near by my work. It ended with the three of us making out with each other. Nope, we didn’t go to one of our places and have a threesome, but never say never. We were just all really drunk and it was fun. They are now my scissor sister friends. Haha.

But it gets more interesting. My Ex keeps texting me more and more. She initiates the conversations. I do not. She keeps asking questions like why I am being nice to her. She thinks I’m up to no good, but I think that’s her guilty conscious talking.  She knows she screwed up, but doesn’t have the lady nuts to admit it. She knows she deserves to be hated by me, but I just don’t. What she did was unacceptable. She broke promises and she disrespected me. It’s taken about 3 months to get over that heartache, but here I am now, seemingly in the driver seat of this situation.

Yet….it gets even more interesting.

She has suggested we become exclusive friends with benefits. We only sleep with each other. Now, call me nuts, but that sounds like a relationship. I’m not sure if I can honor her request, seeing that she’s broken her fair share of promises, but I agreed. We are getting together Saturday for a sex marathon. If we did anything right, it was good sex. Just sayin’.

Life is interesting. I have a feeling my Ex will want more. Maybe she won’t. The question is, how will I respond. I’m open to trying again, but if asked now, the answer would be no. It’s hard to trust her emotionally. Right now, we seem to make each other laugh again. We get along. I suppose that’s better than where I was before.


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