100 Pounds Lost: Weight and Relationship Goals!

Things have been good. Real good as a matter of fact. I’m now at 243 lbs which means I have now lost 100 pounds. What an accomplishment. Still, it feels like I’m just beginning. I’m still not satisfied. I hope I can get down to 240 or 239 by the end/beginning of the month.

I’ve been doing what I can in my weight training. Hopefully the photo below shows that. My arm I mean. Haha.

Things with my girlfriend have been great. The past month and a half have really been amazing. The sex is really great, but it’s always great, but there is something that is just better about it this time around. I can tell she’s just as emotionally connected as she is with the physical aspect of it and that’s an awesome feeling.

I feel I really managed my insecurities and that’s helped a lot in our relationship.  I don’t see myself as that obese bastard I was over a year ago. I’m now comfortable in my own skin. It’s serene. We decided that if things are still this good in a year, that we’ll get engaged. Hopefully that pans out.

Life is good.



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